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Best Feeding Regiment

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Hi everyone. I am about 4 months into my reef tank and right now I have a few corals, a pretty hearty CUC, a YWG and will be picking up 2 ocellaris clownfish in the next week or 2 and I eventually plan on getting a 6 line wrasse. I am preparing to get my tank acclimated to a heavier bioload and just wanted some input on my planned feeding schedule. Right now my plan is as follows. I am going for a diverse feeding regiment with the intention of hitting all the key nutrition aspects for all my critters.


Mon- TDO chroma boost SM for the fish and a mix of reef Roids and oyster feast for the corals

Tue- a flake food I can't decide between omega one marine with garlic or Formula two flakes

Wed- Rods food. Would love to hear some input on original vs omnivore 

Thur- flake food again

Fri- TDO chroma boost sm and reef Roids/ oyster feast


Lastly I know this is more feeding than some would recommend and being new to the hobby I welcome any and all advise

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I feed my fish everyday and in my lagoon 2 times a day.


I just fluctuate through the week between frozen, pellets, and flakes.


Coral food- i only feed 1 time a week. With fish in the tank and no nps corals theres no need to over feed coral food

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i feed my fish 2~3 times a day with flakes and pellets small amount feed each time 

Corals i feed 2 times a week with Reef-Roid , or mix with Mysis Shrimp with fish


good luck 🙂

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