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Back In The Game - 5g Marineland Portrait


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Hey Everyone.  Been way too many months without stopping by here.  I had some issue using natural sea water for a bit.  I know I'm a dummy.  I changed to Red Sea Max mix and things have been much better the past couple of months.  I'll tell you a 5 gallon is a pain in the you know what but my kids and I love the tank.  Here is a progress shot.  Still a work in progress but it's getting there.  I'll get some more pics soon




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Lots to update.  The tank has really turned a corner.  Still doing weekly water changes but everything seems to be taking over.  Corals look better, tank is cleaner longer, etc etc.  The only things that changed:  (1) Added two turbos. These guys work.  they poo but I can handle that.  (2) Still using Red Sea Max salt pre mix  (3) Leaving my light on full blue all the time  (4) New carbon every water change.  I was doing every other change but I figured new carbon would be better.  (5) Feeding more frequently.  Used to do once a week but now I'm trying to do every couple of days

Also there were two mistakes I have learned along the way - (1) Never use Natural Sea Water it's too unstable and (2) NO Nassarius snail.  It died a few months back but I think it decimated my good bacteria in my sand bed.  So with all of these changes I think over time, everything has corrected itself.  The tank is definitely not perfect or pristine but things are much better and cleaner.


On with the pictures.  This is from 8/8/2021. 









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And here is the difference taken a couple days ago 8/18/201.  I added some rastas, fruit loop, and what looks like Jungle juice maybe.  Either way they are all doing good and look great in the tank.  If you have any questions let me know.  Thanks!!  You really can see the difference in the Darth Mauls.8_18_2021.thumb.jpg.e9194415db71a1a1a626889a0bf6571b.jpg549695453_8_18.2021(5).thumb.jpg.61aab65258484e9d30cb7fdec7a63a29.jpg1526044839_8_18.2021(1).thumb.jpg.75e94e29a56151a8712ceee785ba6bda.jpg1190185606_8_18.2021(3).thumb.jpg.69793f7f2d6a146383625f67e4d99b6a.jpg1778008786_8_18.2021(2).thumb.jpg.87d970f31fc953f2ec60497b40f39984.jpg

8.18.2021 (4).jpg

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