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Ole Mugwump

Mugwump's 40 Gallon Breeder On a Budget

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Ole Mugwump

I have no grand plans for this tank - I think I just want to let it develop on its' own. I do like a lot of movement, so I think a lot of softies and LPS would be fun, but I'm not set on a particular theme yet. I do want to keep this tank on a reasonable budget, but I want to get into some higher-tech stuff that I've never tried before: an ATO, and eventually, maybe an MP10 and Kessil lighting. For now, though, I'll be sticking with the line marked on the glass, some cheaper powerheads, and a black box LED fixture.


I already own most of the fish this tank will be stocked with, so I have a pretty good idea of what I'm working with.



40 Gallon Aqueon Glass Aquarium

40 Gallon Imagitarium Petco Stand

Aqueon 700 Powerheads (2X, maybe replace one with a 950 at some point, and would like an MP10 in the future)

Fluval E300 Heater

Stock Lighting (for now - will be replaced with a cheap LED fixture once the tank is ready for coral)


Rock and Sand:

36ish lbs of Marco Reef Savers rock (may not use all of it - just ordered tonight)

20ish lbs of Caribsea Aragonite



Pair of Wyoming White Ocellaris Clownfish

Chalk Bass

Sharknose Goby

Yellowatchman Goby (to be paired with a shrimp, hopefully)

1-2 more small fish if I feel the need



Assorted hermits and snails from Reefcleaners

Coral Banded Shrimp





I'm considering adding on a HOB skimmer, but I'm not sure if I really need one. I don't plan to do many SPS, and I don't see myself keeping a "pristine" reef, anyway. I like my tanks kinda dirty. I'm probably going to order a MarsAqua 160W LED light whenever I recover from what I've spent on rock and equipment.


Pics to come as soon as it's wet!



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