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How to feed a porcelain crab- easier than you think

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I see a lot of people who get a porcelain crab, want to make sure it doesn't go hungry, and try to feed it tiny foods appropriate for a filter-feeder. It certainly works, but there's no need to buy plankton or mess around with syringes and turkey basters- porcelain crabs will gladly grab larger pieces of food. You can just offer them something like a pellet or a piece of mysis via tweezers or a pipette. As soon as they realize it's food, they'll grab it, and they learn quickly that you're feeding them when you extend something in their direction. Just move slowly, let them touch it with their antennae to learn there's food involved, and they'll take it. Those big flat claws are decent for grabbing food. Once they have it, they sit there with it contained in their fans and eat until it's gone, and they'll eat a lot if you let them. You might also see that they filter-feed less often if you feed them regularly, since they don't need to filter as much to get enough calories. Probably helpful to a tank's copepod population. 


(They'll also steal food from an anemone they're in.)

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