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Aquascape in Waterbox 20 Cube, thoughts?


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Setting up aquascape in Waterbox 20 nano cube.


Put in 20 lb bag of Caribsea sand and purchased  a 20 lb box of Caribsea Life Rock shapes. The rock work does not touch and of the walls.

Unfortunately, the base rock I got was huge and takes up a lot of space.

I'm thinking that the current set-up has too much rock and the sand may be too deep and may also be too high.

Thinking I should remove that on and reset with the other?


Any thoughts/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.






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I think 20 pounds is too much, I'd use 8 to 10 maybe 12  pounds in a 20g. and  you can break it into smaller pieces and use a rock welder to make arches etc... I used reef welder by aquamaxx, Its fun to work with and you can create  structures out of the rock and be sure it won't fall.  I bought it since I might add a pistol shrimp and I want my rock to stay in place. Cheers.


Just put up and inch or 2 of sand covering the bottom, but it depends what your keeping, burrowers like enough sand to dig.  As well, some frags come with rocks, which adds up.


I like that tank, nice size too.

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The new aquascape looks good although you might end up with some stagnant areas in the middle where the water isn't flowing through.  That'll promote algae growth as algae loves areas that don't get a lot of flow.

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