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Lighting for a Figi Cube AIO 32

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I am in the process of ordering equipment for this build. The dimensions are approximately 24 x19.5 x16 . I am looking for recommendations for a mixed reef. I was thinking the aquatic life hybrids but was unsure on the led to add. The take has an additional external which will have its own light. I don’t want overkill since the tank is not super deep. I originally thought the hybrid with 2 360 x Kessil or a radion xr30 but lately wonder if 2 primes are  enough. Or should I even bother with the hybrid fixture

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On 8/29/2020 at 2:32 PM, grinder143 said:

I don’t want overkill since the tank is not super deep.

A hybrid is setup is overkill.  But if you really liked the idea of the hybrid, you'd have to scale it down....A160's or even A80's instead of A360's...and two T5HO's would be enough.  I don't know if that hybrid spec will correspond with an actual product though.


Just the Kessils would be my recommendation...they'd mount at around 4" height.  I suspect a pair of A160's would be adequate – 16" deep means only about 12" of water to light, which is not that much.  Ask Kessil to be sure.  But A360's would do it for sure.  


If you wanted to mount them higher than 4", do the narrow optics.  Narrow optics would place them at about 9.5" above the water. 


(Personally I'd go for the lower mounting and wider lenses.)



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