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Last of my newbie lighting questions...


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Ok. I've got my selection narrowed down, I just need some input from the pros...


I decided I'm going to get the Aqua Medic Ocean Light pendant. I have a 12gal 18"H that I want to be able to keep coral, anemone, etc. First question is: Would 250W be overkill? On some sites, there's only like a $20 difference between the 150W and the 250W. Besides the higher eletricity bills, can the 250W hurt anything?


Next question. Since this is going to be my only light source, would I need to get a 20,000K bulb? I like the look of the 10,000K, but I've read in several places that those aren't good enough if you want to keep corals.


Another question. How heavy is this unit? I'm contemplating installing a shelf above my tank to hang it from. This is because I do not want to hang it all the way from the ceiling.


Ok, last question. What's the difference between the 250W (or 150W) HQI 20,000K XDE and the 250W HQI 20,000K AquaMedic AB bulb?



Thanks for any input!

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1. Get the 250W and no it won't hurt anything

2. The lower "K", the more coral will grow. 20000K is for the look (bluer), the 10K is more like white. I like 14K.

3. I don't know wtf is XDE. HQI and DE is same meaing. Both for dual end bulb. AquaMedic AB is the brand of the bulb, it doesn't have any meaning like you is jon and I am bladze.


I hope you get your answer.

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So then 20,000K would actually be bad for me since it would be my only light source? Cool, I like the 10,000K or the 13,000K look better.


Anyone else?

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Dont hang a 250 watt halide over a 12 gallon tank, your water will boil and your power will jump like crazy. Get a 175 or 150. A 20000 k is a better bulb, it is more blue and blue is the key color in photosynthesis. Coralife makes a 150 HQI with a 20000k bulb and it is under three hundred bucks.

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spectrum color is a matter of preferance, although yes they lower kelvin rating do tend to give better growth you will also have a higher propensity for algae blooms. Algaes prefer light in the redder ends of the spectrum which bulbs with lower kelvin ratings have more of. If you are using the halide as your only light source the yes i would agree with bladze that the 14K would be optimum and that that the option to go with a 20K bulb would only be recommended if you like the look because there doesn't seem to be much benefit to it at all.

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ok wow

first off if you want coral growth you want 6500K

if you want neutral color get 10-13000K

if you want blue get 20000K

blue is NOT the key color in photosynthesis

blue is only used to make things flouresce (glow)

if you want more technical answers you might want to go to a bigger forum like reefsanctuary

a 20000K bulb will be fine but they're not going to grow as fast as if you put them under a 6500K bulb

some people actually use 6500K and pump up the actinics

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