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my tank and your suggestions


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Its a 18 gallon ViaAqua and its about 6 weeks old


-2x32 watt PC (soon to be 6x32watt once I figure how to use my neighbors lights)

-204 Fluva with only carbon

-Red Sea skimmer (stoped using the surface skimmer because Clown Gobies went inside it)

-2x Rio 600

- Ebo Jager 120 watt


-20 lbs LS

-70-75 lbs LR (neighbor shut down his 60 gallon so I took all his LR, I had 20 lbs to start with, the tank cycled in 5 days after that. I then waited 3 weeks to add anything)

-Star polp

-Yellow polp

-Zoo frag

- Cleaner shrimp

- Mushroom frag

- 2x clown gobies

- 1x 6 line rasse

- Feather duster

- Sally Flatfoot

- 15x hermits

- 10x turbo

All the inhabitants have been in there for about 2 weeks and have been doing really good.


I'm using Reef Vital DNA, WM Research Calxmax, and photoplankton.


Everything Nitrogen is at zero and salt is at 1.025

Any suggestions for when I add something in about 6-8 weeks? Suggestions in general? Insults? What would my fish like to eat since in about 1 day the rocks and glass will be picked clean?




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Alot is just chilling in the back of the tank. I don't really know about the actual weight of the rock. I had 20 lbs to begin with and my neighbor had 60, I threw out about 10 lbs. So my guestimation based on how much rock I had to begin with. Sorry about the pictures, I cannot get it to focus.

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Please feel free to pick apart my tank with things you think I'm doing wrong. Its my first tank and I only know things from searching the website.

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I like your aquascaping...maybe make some room on the sides so you can get to the algae when it starts to accumulate on the sides of your tank. Also, doesn't look like much room on the floor of your tank to fit bottom-dwelling corals and such.


and metal halides would be nice so you can keep more stuff in there...

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the tank looks good, but the only potential problem that i see down the road is all that rock. from the side view it looks like the rock is almost touching the front glass, which doesn't leave much room for corals to grow out. granted, it could be the camera angle, and the rock could slope back around, in a half crescent type shape, which would be fine :)

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aquamedic 250 watt 20,000k + via aqua 18gallon = bling :D (haha maybe i need some cool coral now and a patch for the hole in my wallet)


I removed the fluval because it was a pain to clean so I just used an old HOB filter and put some live rock rubble and some pods in it (should i put sand in it also?). I stacked my protein skimmer on that too so it wouldn't be on the side.


My GSPs havn't opened in a few days and I moved to to a turbulant part of the tank as suggested in other posts? Will they like the halides more?

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oh any suggestions for coral to justify getting this expensive of a light.. any recomendations on where to get some cool coral at a good price? I just moved to So Cal from Oregon.....

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