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Coral Vue Hydros

AquaSD order, very pleased.


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I ordered from AquaSD recently. I bought a blasto and zoa that were listed on their website, and I emailed them to ask if I could send them some extra cash for them to add a "mystery frag" zoa to my order. It's not something listed on their site, but I figured I'd ask if they could anyway. I like mystery frags. It turned out to be something they could do, and I said that I like zoas with patterns.


I got my order in, packed very nicely, and I was surprised to find four corals in it. I'd seen other reviews for their site mention freebies, but I figured that was just on big orders. I guess not- they sent a nice little two-polyp green favia frag. Sidenote, whoever packed these has nice handwriting. I noticed that each bag has a separate, completely empty bag inside, which I'm guessing is to help prevent the corals from getting thrown around too much. 


The mystery zoa frag has something like 20 polyps on it, and is an interesting splotched variety that does, in fact, have patterns. Many more polyps than expected, and a great pick for a random frag. 3 of the corals in my order opened up quickly, but the non-mystery zoa has been having an issue where a crab steps on it every time it's started to open. A different crab every time, mind you. So I haven't seen it open yet. I'm sure it'll be healthy as soon as it comes open, though, judging by everything else. 


Overall, I'm very happy. I'll definitely be ordering again. Possibly soon- there's a really nice sale going on, and I have a birthday coming up. I highly recommend this vendor, in other words. Very responsive when you email them, even if it's just a question about what's up with the weird RFAs they have for sale (they're a Pacific variety, apparently), and apparently they'll take custom requests. 

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This blasto is the main reason I made the order in the first place. It has this really interesting sort of metallic quality to it. The site called it a "fancy pants" blasto, which is interesting to me because I don't really see blastos having names. Don't worry, I moved the zoanthids further away after I took this pic- a hermit crab had moved them. The top frag (the black one) is the zoa that doesn't seem to want to open up, the center is the mystery one. It's nicer in person, the camera didn't get all the little details. 

Don't mind the hair algae. Half of it is on macros where my snails can't reach, and the other half is actually a decorator crab. 



This is how they were packed. You can kinda see the empty bag inside. Double-bagged, too, and then all of the coral bags were inside another, larger bag, as seems to be standard for shipping corals.



Kinda bad pic of the favia. I took it off the frag plug and attached it to a frag disk instead, so it can grow out nicely. 

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