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Absolute newbie about to start.


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First off, let me congratulate you all on a very informative forum. This is my first (hopefully not the last...) message, here.


I am about to start my first reef tanks (actually, my first SW aquaria, but that's another story). One will be a 10g and the other a 15g. Both will have a plenum over which will be put 2 inches of a mix of LS and "dead" substrate (can't remember the brand, right now). Both will have a powerhead, rated at about 10x tank volume, and will be filled with RO water with Instant Reef salt. Both will be stocked with about 1lb. LR per gallon. The 15g will be lit with a 36W PC 10000K and another 36W PC Actinic, the 10g will be lit by one PowerGlo (18000k!!!) and one OceanGlo (actinic), both with reflectors. 50 and 75w heaters will be used, set at about 25-26º, target SG will be 1.023. I intend to put it all together and let them be until ammonia and nitrite levels drop to zero. After that, I will build up their cleanup crews, making sure the cycles adjust before adding to the biomass. I eventually intend to have a couple of small and easy fish on each, along with Lysmata shrimp and some corals.


Is this plan acceptable, or am I missing something?

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sounds good, but why are you setting up 2 tanks simultaneously?


if this is your first saltwater experience... you may get in over your head with 2 tanks, the costs will really add up.


other than that though, even thing sounds very well planned out, good job!

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Jason, it's a matter of recycling old stuff I have lying around. I have the space on my living room for the 15g, and planned for it. Unfortunately, things such as LS and the other substrate are not sold by the pound. I could use all the LS on the 15g, but if I make the substrate 50/50 I will have the 10g (which I can keep in my "fish room") almost for free, just the cost of the fluorescents and the LR (a lot, over here, but hey!, it's another reef...)

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