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Aqua Splendor

A couple of weeks/months ago I bought the Radion G5 Diffuser and I decide to make a Review about them to help people to decide if they think they should get one or not.
During my investigation, I got surprised by the data that I collected!


Here my video:



To be fair, I don't like the Radion G5 Step effect it those on the bottom of my tanks (where we really notice it), so for me, it was a no brainer to buy the diffuser.
I'm very please with the results with the G5 Diffuser, with the Radion Pro we lose 9% and for the Blue about 6 to 7%. That is low for what it does.

My only complaint would be the price (yeah well ya know...reefing) and the magnet might but too tiny to my taste, other than that, the design and practicality is awesome.

I hope that will help other reefers to get their heads around it.


- Aqua Splendor

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