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Kids tv with IM Nuvo Mini 40 Fusion

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Hello Everyone! 


After a little more than 1 year with a successful reef on a second hand Fluval Evo 13.5 I have decided to go bigger!

I have been on the aqua hobby since I was 6 yrs old with FreshWater tank. I got to the point that Aquascaping and Plants got to easy and not so challenging for me. But I always had the interest on going into reef tanks but the cost wasn't doable for me. Things got better and finally I am able to get started on it.



I have decided to replace my main planted tank 40cm cube for a IM Mini 40 AIO. I like how the AIO system works easy and cheap. So I waited the right offer and I got a used IM 40G.

The tank was offered to me with EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G2 + Blackwater 529 GPH Pump + Skimmer. 

Currently on first stage of cycling the tank. I have used some spare rocks donnated to me, a Fluval CP4 and 1 bag of CaribSea Arag-Alive 20lbs.



For the stand, I have build one myself using the old wood that I have removed while rebuilding the deck on my backyard. I hope it hold the load.


I expect to keep the bio load low for the initial 6 months but nothing can understimate my impulses!!!

I have added seachem bio media and may include as well a Green Killing Machine UV as I have one sitting on my junk box doing nothing.

I am currently waiting to receive by mail the Duetto ATO which I will be using one of my empty reef salt bucket as reservoir.


Hopefully I can learn more about a bigger thank on a KISS (Keep it Simply Stupid) basis ;).


Let's have a good time






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Christopher Marks

Congrats on your new nano reef @f1PaceCar! That looks like a great setup, lights and all, lots of possibilities! Keep us posted 👍

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