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Speaking of Cleaner Shrimp....

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Mine keeps knocking over all my frags off my rock no matter what I do.


I have 6 frags in various spots. I've moved them about 4 times, and I imagine it's him because he's the most robust mf in my tank, and everyday when I come home he's knocked over 1 or 2 of them onto the sand bed.....


I keep trying different spots but it's not working. I'm not ready to de-frag and glue them yet, and I'm trying to acclimate them to certain lighting etc. Let alone to say the potential harm that could be cause from falling frags.


The answer might be a resounding "no" but other than a frag rack, is anyone aware of any tricks or tips to help keep frags on rock.


Also secondary, anyone who's selling or knows where to buy hang on, or easy to install and remove frag racks, drop the link baby

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Glueing the frags or the plugs in place is about the only way to keep them from veing knocked down.


Even snails will knock them out of place.

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You don't have to remove the coral from the frag plug. You can snip the stem off the plug with wire cutters, and then just glue that down. You can also lop the edges off the plug with the cutters, if you prefer it not be circular. Less stress for the coral than removing it. 


If you can get some of the "eggcrate" plastic mesh used to diffuse lighting, that can work. A 2-inch square of it with the frag plug stuck in the center can at least, basically, make the frag plug wide so it's harder to knock it off. Or you can rig a somewhat terrible-looking frag rack of it and any reef-safe string substitute, like fishing line or zip ties. Eggcrate comes in huge sheets, though. Embroidery mesh with a hole in the middle might also work- anything that can make the frag plug wider. 

Ebay has a load of frag racks to look over. Ocean Wonders makes some nice realistic ones. I think frag racks are usually either suction cupped or magnetized to a magnet you place on the outside of the tank wall. 


Do you have hermits? They're more likely to move frags than a cleaner shrimp is. My scarlet hermits will actually lift frag plugs with their little claws to look for food underneath, and pull things around. Snails will shove things around while being oblivious. The cleaner shrimp could be moving them, but they aren't very strong animals, and I don't know that they usually have a motivation to move plugs. Unless they're pulling on the corals looking for food.

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