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What do you think of my aquascape?


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I actually very much enjoy it, it does look fairly symectrycal but I love all the arches and caves, and it has sort of an coral island feel to it, I think I’d put some more of the coral you have in the sand on the rock, because as I have noticed when snorkeling, the coral seems to start by growing in the rock, then later expand to the sand. 🙂

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to me it's gorgeous because there si a LOT of sarea. I also love that there are 2 caves.


I think a LOT of people don't think when they aquascape about the HOUSING requirements of their fish and providing spaces they think they will enjoy in the rock work before they even get their fish.


I feel with this you've actually separated your tank into 3 different zones. You have the left side, right side, and then a general "free area" in the middle and above. This will allow for lots of refuge and places for you inhabitants to go and feel safe. They will make their own territories all over this place and I think you did a great job. That's my 2 Cents.


Once your coral grows out all "symmetry" will not matter that much.

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