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TerraIncognita's 10G AJ - Quick Start Thread

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This tank is dedicated to Jake Adam's from ReefBuilders and WWC. (He'll probably never know) 😄




I started it with my Girlfriend when I saw a post on OfferUp for $120 for a AIO 10G AquaJapan, had a 90GPH Return Pump, and a Zetlight (It's par values were enough for my tastes)


I'll keep at the top of this thread. My Most recent dated photo. As well as Params, Live Stock and Equipment list.


Below this will be photos as time goes with the tank, updates, and such. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


CURRENT POST 08/3/2020:






Specific Gravity = 1.024
Temperature = 80.3F
pH = 8.0
Ammonia = 0.1>
NO2 = 0.1>
NO3 = 0
Phos = .1

Calc = 440


still waiting for more testing mediums.



- AquaJapan 10 Gallon Tank AIO

- Stock 90GPH Return Pump

- Zetlight Marine LED Light           -        https://www.zetlight.com/aqua-series-marine-p00100p1.html

- DIY Media Basket From Egg Crate

- Digital Thermostat



Fluval Marine Filter Pad (Sheet I cut into strips)

ChemiPure - Activated Carbon

Fluval Bio-Ceramic Rings

11LBS Dry Live Rock

Added Day 2 - 1 Oz. (1/2 of a 2Oz Bottle) of Dr. Tim's Nitrfying Bacteria (Suggest dose was 2 capfuls, but you "Can't Overdose This!" just to be safe 😉



08/03/2020 - 2 Designer Oce Clowns

08/03/2020 - 1 baby Cleaner Shrimp



08/01/2020 - Tank purchased, Rock Scaped, DIY Basket Made.





08/02/2020 - Live-Sand laid and scaped



08/03/2020 - 2 baby Clowns added and 1 baby Cleaner Shrimp!

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08/05/2020 - I broke down and I’ve fed them twice already 😭they just looked so cute. but nothing today. And then tomorrow I will feed before I head out for a 3 day trip.


They seem to have established their opposite sides of the tank..... I hope once I add some corals and the CUC I can get them to bond :-(.


(I know I said I would FULL STOCK first day.


but I’m actually too chicken shit lol.)


If not I guess I’ll just have to go get another 10G 😂😂 


No fin stress on either so no worries for now. They seem to have their spaces.


Nothing else done to the tank except hitting the rocks daily with a turkey baster. Everyday 2 times a day, continually finding white masses and clouds rising over and over in the same spots.


the fish react to the clouds as if it’s feeding time and then nip at the particles in the water. It must mean that detritus is continually somehow being attached or leaching from these rocks. I’m going to continue doing this daily until nominal amount of excrement.




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