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Innovative Marine INT-112

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Ive had a few tanks for the almost 4 years ive been doing this. An Evo 13.5, Lagoon 24 AIO, Lagoon 50 AIO, Lagoon 25 EXT and a Red Sea 250. My family and I got a house this past month and it was time for an upgrade! I choose the INT 112. I was able to modify my steel stand for the extra depth. Mostly reused everything, minus a skimmer upgrade and a lighting upgrade. Sadly no photos of delivery or set up, I had quickly moved them from a temporary tub into the tank within 6 hours of the tank delivery. I had previously built a custom enclosure and power supply for my nano box so I was in a position to add some arrays. I bought a used duo and made some custom brackets, wired it up and bam, a hybrid t5 with 6 arrays. 



Reef Synergy Cl-22 Sump and 5g ATO Reservoir


Under the tank

Apex-EL with DOS system

BRS Titanium Heaters

Red Sea RSK-300

Vectra S1 Return Pump

Aquamaxx Media Reactor (Carbon)


In the Tank

1k Gyre

Mp-10 QD



Above the tank

Custom Nanobox Hybrid 4 Array and Duo

















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Nice setup. Digging all the custom work🤙..  well done👏


How about some photos of the coral and what not....

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