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Aqua Splendor

Hello mini reefers 😛,
many months ago I bought the new version of the Eheim heater, the Thermocontrol E, their previous model is the Jager heater, very well known around the world, I think it's even the most sold heater?
Anyways, they improve their model with some feature like the Thermo Safety Control, so when the heater is in the air, it won't "POP" (I like to use the word explode...), for me with all my All in one aquarium and Bucket Water change it's super important. They change also with LED indicatior so you know if it's plug in or not.

So here my video about it:


The question is, is it worth the difference of price? I don't know why in North America the price of this heater is super high, it is not normal hmmm but for me, it saving couple buck of replacement because I'm too stupid to unplug the heater when doing maintenance 😛

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