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[Help] Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Died - potential cause?

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Hi All,


I was so sad to find my cleaner shrimp died 1 hour ago...... I bought it from LFS back in Feb so it has been in my tank for 5 months now. The 60L tank has a peppermint and two small clowns, and some corals. My tank only has a pump (so no sump etc), tempature stable at 26.5-27 degrees. My tank is having some hair algae issue, but otherwise fine. Weekly 20% water change. Dosing Tropic-Marin All-for-reef 1ml per day, and my alk is maintained at 7.7. 


I have been feeding my clowns and corals once every two days and my cleaner shrimp always took what is left on the sandbed (he was actively eating yesterday). 


This afternoon I saw it staying at the same place. And it was stretching all his long antennae straight in front constantly, which was werid as I never saw him doing that in the last few months. A few hours later, I found him dead, being eaten by my peppermint......


I did a water test immediately after, and pH 8.0, Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate all 0, Alk 7.7. All at my target levels. 


I did not take a photo, but from what I can tell, its stomach has some black stuff in it (which from my own experience indicated that it is close to its next molting), and its antennae have some hair algae on them at the tips. No damage to the body that I can see.


I really want to find out why it died as it is my favorite. So active and always fighing for food during feeding time......


Thank you in advance.




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Hair algae on the tips of the antennae says to me that something is wrong. Not that the hair algae hurt it, but that the algae was a sign of something being wrong. 


Do you have a kit to check your iodine levels? Calcium, alkalinity? I wonder if it needed to molt, but couldn't.


Also, I would highly suggest feeding your clowns at least once a day. In the wild, they would be picking at food all day, so they do best when you feed them a minimum of once a day.

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