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Ammonia and Nitrite Spike

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Yesterday, I’ve noticed some injuries on my koi and asked a koi dealer how I should treat the injuries. The koi dealer recommended some medicated koi food for our koi. After feeding it to them, ammonia levels were at 8ppm. We checked the ammonia in the tap water used and it was at 0ppm. Once we dumped the medicated food in the water, the ammonia level became 8ppm so I noticed it was from the food. I decided to wait a day for ammonia levels to drop, however, it stayed the same until today. Nitrite has also been increasing as well. What should i do? Should i conduct a water change every time after feeding the medications or should i discontinue the medications? The koi dealer recommended using the meds for 12 days to kill any parasites but the condition of the water worries me.

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Something in the tank is rotting, most likely. Find what it is, and take it out. Do large water changes until the levels are better. 


Stop using the food. The injuries are probably from ammonia burns, as that's a very high level. Do you have any pictures of the koi? 


The best treatment for injuries on fish, aside from removing whatever caused the injury, is very clean water and normal, good food. 


You may also want to find a forum for koi and freshwater fish, as this is a saltwater fish forum.


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