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Cycling in a stock tank


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I've been reading up on cycling for awhile but I haven't seen the concept of cycling in a different container. I'm setting up a 20L and I'm building a custom stand for it. While I was working on the tank and stand, I was wondering if it would be possible to cycle my LR and LS in a stock tank I normally use for wintering my fish. I can light it and provide alot of circulation but it just wouldn't be in the aquarium.


My logic is that I can let it cycle in there for a month while I'm building my stand so when I'm finally ready to set up the tank, the cycle won't last as long. The majority of the rock is just base rock but I'm going to get at least 10 lb of LR and about 20 lb of LS from the lfs.


Is this a workable idea, or am I completely off my rocker.



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