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IM 30L sps dominated mixed reef

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Whats up guys, been a while but ive been reefing all these years none the less. Just moved into a new apartment in the city and decided to start a nano. I still have my other tank, unfornately having it built into the wall there is not a whole I can do as the house just sold. I bought the tank about a year ago and just filled it these past few days. It is a gorgeous tank I highly recommend and I hope this thread can bring you new ideas and something to follow for newcomers. 


Tank: Innovative marine 30L. 

Lighting: 2 x Current USA IC orbits pros + Aqua illumination Hydra 32HD. Ill talk later about this, but I strongly suggest it for this tank. PAR readings are incredibly flexible based on whatever you want to do with your tank, and its all controlled by your phone! 

Skimmer: Tunze 9001 DC (fits perfectly in the middle chamber with plenty of room if you upgrade the pump.) Also, the non DC version is a bit cheaper, but is not controller. Its well worth the extra 50 bucks. 

Reactor: IM (not the best, not really sure if it will be sufficient yet, but it fit perfect.) 

Media: Nothing at the moment but filter floss as shes cycling. But will likely go with chemi pure, purigen, and GFO in reactor. 

Will add a fuge a few months down the line. Intank makes a great one, along with many other great products

Substrate: Arag Alive fiji pink.

Flow: Current usa 6001 (1025 gph max) these tanks are difficult as they are so shallow. Stock return ( any upgrade suggestions that will fit in the middle chamber would be awesome.) The stock Mightyjet isn't bad though, its controllable and fairly powerful. 

Rock:  34 lbs deco rock from Gulfliverock. Impressive, not full of much life, but theres a few things that could make it back if they survive the next month. The rock itself is gorgeous. Amazing coloration. No pests seen after 24 hours so that's nice. 

Controller: Simple CURRENT USA Bluetooth controller monitors temp, as well as controller pumps and lights. It's not that popular but its a cheaper option and im quite pleased. 


The lights are running about 15% with the AI off in this photo, you don't want much light in any in the early stages. It's not necessary. 




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