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Automatic Water Change system for AIO?

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I just received my WB Cube 20.  I'm interested in setting up an ATO as well as an AWC.  I'm considering the purchase of the Autoaqua AWC/ATO system but have questions about pump placement.


The system has 3 pumps.  One for the ATO resevoir, to top off the tank, another to pump new saltwater into the tank during the water change.  The third pump is the one I have questions about.  This would be the one to pump water from the tank to a used water container for the water change.  The final chamber of the AIO is where the tanks normal return circulation pump will go.  Would I also have to put the AWC drain pump in there or could it go somewhere else?  I dont think it would hold two pumps.   I dont want it in the main display and do not want to add a sump.  Could it go in the second media chamber of the tank?  Options?



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