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My First Salt Tank - Fusion Nuvo 20g

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Current Hardware:

  • Innovative Marine Fusion Nuvo 20g
  • Aqua Illumination Prime 16HD x2
  • Innovative Marine NuvoSkim DC
  • inTank Refuge Media Basket
  • inTank Filter Floss Basket
  • Innovative Marine Mighty Jet 8501 - 326gph
  • Hygger Mini Wave Maker Magnetic DC Powerhead x2
  • Eheim Jager 50w heater
  • Tunze 3152.000 Nano Osmolator ATO
  • Mindak 3w LED Light (Used for refugium - Need to upgrade)
  • Jebao Wifi Doser 3.4 
  • Triple Liquid Dosing Storage
  • ADA Style DIY Stand


  • Green Pocillopora
  • Stylophora or Pocillopora (Cant ID it)
  • Orange Polyps Montipora
  • Spongodes Montipora

  • Pink Marsh Acan
  • Juicy Fruit Lord Acan
  • Green Indotorch
  • Green Neon Hammer
  • Green Toadstool
  • Neon Green Trumpet
  • Blue Tip Elegance

Soft Corals:
  • Green Star Polyp

  • Daisy Polyp

  • Pulsing Xenia

  • Metallic Blue Mushroom

  • Rainbow Ricordea Mushroom

  • Kenyan Tree Leather

  • Devil's Hand Finger Leather

  • Nuclear Green Palythoa

  • Jason Fox Captain Jerk Palythoa

  • Orange Bam-Bam Zoas

  • Rasta Zoanthid

  • Bam Bam Orange Zoanthid

  • Eagle Eye Zoanthid

  • Fruit Loops Zoanthid

  • Green Bay Packer Zoanthid

  • Rose Bubble Tip anemone
  • Pink Bubble Tip anemone
  • Pistol shrimp
  • Sexy Shrimp
  • Cleaner Shrimp
  • Naked Stubby Clown
  • Snowflake Clown
  • Firefish
  • Yellow Watchman Goby


Latest FTS/Video: (Updated June 28th 2020)





Issues I'm having: (As of June 28th)

  • Ph will not go above 8
  • Alk will not go above 8

Things I'm currently waiting on / working on:

  • Dosing pump
  • Dosing Container
  • Pump upgrade to use my RFG nozzles
  • Second AI Prime 16HD or upgrade to Hydra 32HD

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Looks great. 👍


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June 29th Update:

  • Acquired a Jebao 3.4 wireless doser (Used locally)
  • Picked up my dosing container and tube holder from BRS.
  • Picked up Tropic Marin All-For-Reef to simplify my dosing schedule.
    • Set to 3mL per day.
  • Ordered MightyJet Pump Upgrade (RFG's here I come!)
  • Ordered a second AI Prime 16 HD to compensate for shadows and lack of light in certain areas.
  • My clean up crew order from ReefCleaners should be here this week.


One of clown fish started to host! It ended up choosing the smaller BTA over the larger one though. I'm hoping its companion will join it soon. Such an amazing experience seeing the interaction between the clown and nem.

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What about skimmer? How long has the tank been set up? What's your phos and nitrate? 

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2 hours ago, Nuvo&box20s said:

What about skimmer? How long has the tank been set up? What's your phos and nitrate? 

I use the NuvoSkim DC, fits in the back really nice. And the skimming has been perfect for me.

My phosphates and nitrates are:
Nitrate - is about 2.5ppm atm (done with API master test, I'm pretty sure this is inaccurate - the colors are so close to 0 and 5.0ppm.

Phos - 0.7 at last water change this past saturday.


I'm told I should get my nitrates higher, but not sure how to go about that.

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I got a few new corals today! I'll get up some pictures when they settle in.

  • Fruit Loops Zoanthids
  • Eagle Eye Zoanthids
  • Rainbow Ricordea Mushroom

Also learned/realized my flow was wayyyy too intense - I turned off one wavemaker and everything opened up quite nicely! I'll make sure to get a photo/video of that as well.

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