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IM inTank Media Basket for sale

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Hi everyone,


I have an extra older inTank media basket that I am looking to sell. The media basket fits the Innovative Marine AIO line of tanks (has fit both my previous 10 gallon and current 25 lagoon). The basket is in good condition outside of a broken leg. I have since repaired the leg and you can hardly tell that it is there. Still functions as it should. Below are photos of the basket and the repair. Please let me know if you have any more questions or would like more photos. Asking $20+shipping.




IMG_3469.jpg.2c4ecdb7ce70284f15a06a03d4306a37.jpg     IMG_3470.jpg.07edd20b936fa44ecc1d56f29ae31145.jpg


IMG_3471.jpg.81803fc23f2aa6840872b4cf4baa2aa9.jpg     IMG_3472.jpg.ec5198a4f73f86d71cc87e53ff494aa7.jpg


IMG_3474.jpg.7ccc8e5ecaf539392d3242bf36e95961.jpg     IMG_3475.jpg.726b983e7811d523999d1b1e0b67bdc4.jpg

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