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IceCap Coral Transporter & Magnet Mount Accessory-NOW AVAILABLE!

Have you used a Frag Carrier before?  

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  1. 1. We want to know have you used a Frag carrier before?

    • Yes and I love them!
    • No I don’t, never used one
    • I’d like to get one
    • Other please explain

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                                      Make moving Your Corals safe and Secure!

                                         The Transporter That Does Double Duty!





   So What makes this Coral Transporter special you might ask, well let me tell you the reasons why. 


   First of all this coral Transporter has room for 8 coral frag plugs, inside each cutout there is a special membrane inside to lock your frags in place. No more scattered frags when you use this transporter! Let’s look at the stem/handle of the frag rack itself, made from a solid core of acrylic that is screwed and glued to the base, this is a solid piece of gear! The lid of the Frag transporter is also special with its internal gasket that will have your corals locked in safe and sound, no more worries about leaks! Another great benefit of the cutouts and membrane holder is that it can accommodate multiple different sized frag plugs! Gone are those days of the frag plug that just won’t fit. And last but most certainly not 

least the Frag Transporter can pull double duty with the Magnet Mount Accessory!

   That’s right, with the Magnet Mount Accessory you can take your frags from the transporter, leave them in the holder and place them into the Mount , then straight into your aquarium!! 









   While we are at it why don’t we see what others have to say about this awesome system!





Lets look at a few more! 



NOT SATISFIED YET?!?????? Check this out!




I believe the Jury is in on the New IceCap Coral Frag Transporter and Magnet Mount Accessory , we have a winner.... or in this case GUILTY AS CHARGED FOR BEING AWESOME , INNOVATIVE,AND BEING BUILT RIGHT!








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