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Legendary Corals

Andre's Ultimate Jawbreakers, Vivid's Blue Flame, Insane Blastos, Rainbow Gonioporas, and More in Stock!

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Legendary Corals

Hello reefers,


We have a few outstanding Andre's Ultimate Jawbreakers available once again! These are big ones that are ready to start popping some babies of their own. All pieces are on a 1.5" disk. All pieces are on the website with prices.


View Andre's Ultimate Jawbreakers here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/softies-wysiwyg


Check out this Double-Mouthed piece! A few small burgundy/purple streaks on the right as well.



Big chunky amount of green on this one!



Love the lightning bolt pattern on this one. Small splashes of burgundy/purple on a few places!



Another beautiful piece with large sections of green! There's a bit of burgundy/ purple on the bottom as well.



A sweet pinwheel pattern! A bit of a burgundy/ purple streak on the left too.



Another gorgeous pinwheel patterned piece.



We've also updated some of our stock selection. A few favites are available again along with some new additions: https://www.legendary-corals.com/lps-collection


We have frags of Vivid's Blue Flame Favia in stock again! They are listed under our "Stock LPS" portion of the site. Here's a photo of one of the pieces that was fragged recently.



A new insane Blastomussa that we're currently holding a naming contest on our social media platforms. Frags are already healed and looking amazing! That fiery orange rim is simply amazing.



Another sick Blastomussa! Very bright scarlet red streaks on a purple base. Frags of this piece are fully healed as well.



We have frags of our LC Rainbow Boom Goniopora in stock, one of the true rainbow Gonioporas out there.



LC Blue Ravens are also in stock! Frags are all fully healed and look amazing.



Visit our website to view the entire collection, looking forward to sending some legendary pieces to your reef!




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Kellie in CA

Do you have gift certificates?  I would love to point my husband towards those new Blastos for my birthday. 

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Legendary Corals
1 minute ago, Kellie in CA said:

Do you have gift certificates?  I would love to point my husband towards those new Blastos for my birthday. 

Hello, I can make a custom coupon code! Just shoot me a PM. 🙂

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