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How Many Fish Can You Have in A Nano Tank

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Hi all,

My dad and I decided to change our freshwater tank into a nano reef tank when I started college, which was three years ago. Having always grown up with multiple fish, I’ve been wanting to add at least 1 or 2 to our tank now but my dad said it’s not possible. Currently, we have two clown fish and I know they can be territorial, but we had clown fish before it was a reef so I’m wondering if adding another fish is possible. My dad automatically told me no, but I like to research before I get my final answer. Our tank consists of a large bubble (the clownfish love it), two hammers, giant mushrooms, and polyps. The polyps mostly over run the tank, we have healthy algae, a few hermit crabs, snails, and an emerald crab. 


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Need size and dimensions of the tank. 


Also what type of clownfish?

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9 hours ago, alliesfish said:

Currently, we have two clown fish and I know they can be territorial

Yes, you'll need to stay away from other clownfish, damsels, and chromis.  Typically a small goby would be compatible and would add little to the bio-load.  However, like Tamberav said, we should know how big of tank we're talking about before making recommendations.

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