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My 20L Journal always changing


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46 minutes ago, debbeach13 said:

Thank you she is almost always out and about. Her smaller mate spends more than half of his time in the head. He comes out as soon as food hits the water. They both host the toadstool and sleep in the head. 

I've got a good sized clown that's grown from a baby in my 10 gal.  Was always an open swimmer, til I added tank mates.  Clowny found a territory to defend from new comers.  Now mostly hangs out in a rock hole now that's too small for the fish to comfortably swim through.  - Crazy


If I miss a feeding though, Clowny is swimming around the tank like Jaws looking for it's next meal.  :lol:


Missed meals are not allowed.

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  • 1 month later...

No pictures right now. If I remember I will take some tonight after lights on.

 In case you do not follow Diver Dan in my other thread I will mention that my dog crossed the rainbow bridge last Friday. Most of you pet lovers know that for all those sloppy kisses and wonderful greetings we get from our furry friends this is a terrible price to pay when it is time to say goodbye. Those last moments before she was gone one of my son's, his wife and I all made sure she was comfortable and not alone.

 During the month I did try to keep up with this tank a little bit did a couple uneventful WC and some maintenance. Things that went wrong during that time were but not limited to, after cleaning the ATO reservoir not properly installing the siphon breaker and hours later leaving the house I came home to a gallon of water all over the floor. Even worse than that I killed a bucket with some corals in it so no more green hairy mushrooms, red mushrooms or blue Kenya tree. A couple others that have duplicates but the tiny pieces of GSP left have maybe a 50/50 shot. I didn't even realize I had that until today. 

EDIT   Forgot yesterday's questionable test results

CA 400, KH 11, PO4 .5-1, N03 20, temp 80 and SG 1.025

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On 5/25/2022 at 12:06 PM, debbeach13 said:

 Her smaller mate spends more than half of his time in the head. He comes out as soon as food hits the water. They both host the toadstool and sleep in the head. 

That's my clown


Used to swim around all day long in water column, but found a cave it likes and only leaves at meal time or to chase my Talbot Damsel away with a show of dominance.

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Just did a 2 gallon W/C, vacuumed the sand, changed out all the filter media. Moved the few corals from the IM into this tank. The IM is still running but is a box of water, with some rock, a couple snails and one hermit crab. Diver Dan has been put back in. 
I will take a picture of new scape soon when the tank clears up.



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Good morning. I am happy to report that this tank looks good. I am always a little nervous after taking a vacation. I was only gone for a week. The ATO and auto feeder worked great. Just did a 2 gallon W/C, removed and cleaned both pumps and the filter. KISS is the way to go. Simple easy corals and a couple clowns, a cleaner shrimp and CUC. Easy Peasy. 

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