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My 20L Journal always changing!!!


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  • 2 weeks later...

A few days ago I moved this tank across the room so I could put up my Christas tree. Pulled out all of the rock and coral and put in buckets of tank water. Rinsed out the bare rock which flushed out about 10 bristle worms. I do miss the zoanthids but I am unsure if I will be getting any new ones any time soon. I miss the hammer more. It was a rather common fluorescent green one but grew from 2 heads to over 10. I do hope to replace it after the holidays. Some changes in the scape happened when putting everything back in the tank. In the new location I get to observe the clowns a lot more because the side view is next to the kitchen table. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hoping I don't jinx it by posting ahead of receiving. Expecting delivery tomorrow of an APS stand for the IM Nuvo Pro I won on Oct 30th 2020. Ordering this stand was completely out of character for me. I am usually frugal about my hobby purchases. Some say cheap. I thought about and made an attempt at using the overkill stand I built for the EVO I had for the contest. Thinking the money I saved could be better spent for coral! I just didn't like the look. I better like this look! I will start a new journal when I start actually setting it up. Maybe call it "The it's about time IM Nuvo Fussion Pro 10. 

On another note the mushroom is now officially two separate corals. Lights are off so picture later.

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Rearranged and frag some clove polyps. Also found a tiny little pulsing xenia piece floating around so glued that to an also tiny piece of rubble. Hopefully these will grow and be acceptable at the LFS. I removed a baby toadstool and a baby blue Kenya tree, both of these corals melted to nubs when the heater cooked the tank but are slowly recovering. Pulled that little mushroom stuck upside down on a frag plug that recently left several babies on a rock as it fell off the rock. I purchased that one mushroom and now have two rocks with 3 or 4 mushrooms full grown on each from it.  I will get a kick out of selling at least one back to the store. Lights out till this afternoon so still no pictures yet. Looks like the IM will be a frag tank till tradeable for new corals. 

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