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My 20L Journal always changing!!!


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The last reboot for this tank was a little over two years ago. Starting a journal now so I will stop making posts about this tank in my "I am not a contestant" thread and to waste some more time due to Covid-19 boredom. Some of my posts maybe repeating things already stated at an early date but I hope it doesn't get too boring. Right now this tank is a cluttered mess. I will hopefully straighten this out next week. Today I added the current orbit marine pro light. I left the nano box old style duo that is using a timer for simple on and off operation. No blue tooth. The orbit will of course add light but the big advantage is the ramp up and down is so much nicer for not scaring the fish. Looking pretty ghetto up there. After lights come on this afternoon I will snap a picture.

Tank - standard 20L, two hydor koralia 565 pumps, Aquaclear 50 HOB right now running with a few teaspoons of carbon and some pillow fluff. I some times use poly-filter just to change things. 

There are 2 two clowns and 1 Bengai Cardinal, 1 cleaner shrimp, blue leg hermits and a variety of snails. Corals are GSP, pulsing xenia, clove polyps, zoanthids, toadstool, hammer, Kenya tree and mushrooms that I have been trying to remove for a couple weeks. 
Edit because I also have an Elegance coral, a Duncan, and a smart ATO micro. 


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Warning I will most likely clutter this thread with info you don’t care about. I realize that may include the very first post. Yesterday I went to Top Shelf Aquatic’s my first visit in months. I picked up my on line DAD10 sale order of zoanthids and I asked if they had any FL ricordea not blue or green. They came back from the back room with a nice orange specimen. After they removed the stems from all the plugs for me I left a satisfied customer. They are extremely well stocked with coral and a surprising fair amount of fish. There were some other customers, everyone was wearing masks and it was a comfortable environment. They seem to be doing well and I hope they continue to do so. I brought my treasures home and put in a Qt to observe for a couple weeks.





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Today was WC day on this tank just 2 gallons a little over 10%. Before I changed the water I decided it was time to clean and scrap the glass. Of course this resulted in a change to the scape and pissed of most of the coral. Cleaned both pumps and the filter just scrubbed with brushes under running water. Removed the carbon, rinsed the poly filter pad, and replaced the floss. New picture tonight after lights come on. My effort to rid this tank of the red specked mushrooms completely failed. I previously Injected with lemon juice and scrubbed out of the tank. I did not count but there has to be at least 10 of them. 

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I decided to continue pissing things off. I took the 4 zoanthids frags that started in the QT tank after purchase. They remained in that tank for a little over 2 weeks. They were treated with furan 2 for pox. After maybe another week they went into the Evo for a week and today I glued them into the zoa rock in the 20L. The plugs had the stems removed before I brought them home. I usually remove Corals from frag plugs but these did not pop right off so I left them. 


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Sad day for me. I found Mr. Bojangles my Banggai Carinal dead this morning. Now the only fish in this tank are two clowns. They have been in there for years so I do not know if I am going to risk adding a new fish. I think they would beat it to death.

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How old, and was he captive bread, or from before they started breading them?  I love the banggi so much better than the pajama, have considered one for my 10g.

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Now the only fish in there is a mature mean female clown. Any new fish will have to be semi aggressive. I could get a couple damsels, coral beauty, or even a six line. I guess it will depend on what the LFS has. 

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You could safely add a smaller clown again and they'd pair up. Maybe some aggressions in the beginning but you can always do the magical floating see through box trick lol. 


That's what I did for my Maroon Clowns. It took about three days for the female to accept the new male but now they're joined at the hip always haha 

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I think it is a premium snowflake. I was just looking for a common Ocellaris - False Percula. They didn’t have any and this guy was $39.99. Since if it is my guess and they sell for $74.99 on live aquaria I took a chance. He will be in QT for observation. His water is SG 1.023 and my tank is 1.025. Going to slowly adjust. 



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  • debbeach13 changed the title to My 20L Journal got a baby clown he is in QT day 2
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