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Help Planning 10 Gallon Build

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Hello everyone, 

Was hoping everyone could provide me with some tips and suggestions on a new 10 gallon build I want to do. Right now here is my plan:


Tank: UNS 60S shallow aquarium (24x14x7) 

Light: Kessil A80

Rock: Stax and marco rock 


Heres where I need help. I’m stuck between filtration options. I would like to build a sump, but have never owned a tank with one, and don’t even know where to begin with overflows/drilling/plumbing let alone building the sump itself. Other things I am considering is using a canister filter and cleaning it often, or just an AC.


I just love the clean look of this tank, and would like to be able to keep the filtration, heater and ato out of the view area if possible. Would like to keep the tank as close to looking “empty” looking as possible. 


I also would like a solution that won’t kill my wallet, however I know this hobby and am expecting it to at least get a beating. 


My stocking plan:

bit of LPS/Softies

1 fish (either Azure Damsel OR a pygmy angel)

1 blood red fire shrimp 


I am attaching a picture of what the tank looks like, and the second picture is the aqua scape I want to follow. I basically want a shallow lagoon look, with lots of open sand areas. 


Essentially what I am asking is what would you guys do with this tank? How would you filter it? Any suggestions will be appreciated and the more detailed the better! thanks in advance!! 



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For the clean look that you desire, drilling for an overflow is the best option.  Drilling a tank can be intimidating.  And while it might be scary, it's not terribly difficult.  There are lots of videos online (watch a few).


I'd think that a standard ten gallon tank would work as a sump.  Without a skimmer, you could probably get by without any baffles.  With a skimmer, you'd need a baffle separating the return section (which keeps the water level consistent in the other section for the skimmer).


That said, a HOB filter is fine, but more unsightly.  A canister filter is alright (like you said, if kept clean), just a bit more work to maintain.  Also, with proper maintenance, it's even possible to go filterless.

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We recently acauired an unplanned fish so I needed a cheap filter for a 10 gallon fish tank quick. I also wanted one that was relatively quiet. Tetra Whisper was the cheapest and it had relatively good reviews, so I decided to try it, and I'm glad I did!
After plugging it in, it made noise for a few seconds, but then went completely silent. It took only a few minutes more to clear up the water.
Finally, the water flow was strong enough to circulate the whole tank without being so strong it pushed the fish around.

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