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Remora hang-on skimmer


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Anyone have this: AquaC Remora hang-on Protein Skimmer

link: http://www.marinedepot.com/aquarium_protei...ion.asp?CartId=



I am looking at buying to to replace my very loud Via Aqua Multi Skimmer. Do these run pretty quietly? I have the tank in my bedroom and it keeps me up many nights. Also, will this work on a 12gal thats 18"H. The link above recommends 20gal minimum. Lastly, would I need any other kinds of filters? My Via Aqua Multi Skimmer is a protein skimmer and it uses filter media. Would I have to buy a seperate filter that uses filter media to rid the tank of bigger debris?

Any help would be great. Thanks!

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I have it...it's awesome...and not loud at all...just get the maxijet pump upgrade; not the rio.


And yeah, you will likely need a second HOB power filter (can be a cheapo) just to hold activated carbon, chemipure, polyfilter, etc etc..


I had it on a 16" before, so 18" is definitely not a problem.

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It is the best HOB skimmer but it is not for bedroom cuz it is still too loud for bedroom. But you can run during day time and turn off at night.

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The tank will be moved in the near future to the computer room. But I still want to cut down the noise as much as possible just because it takes away a lot from the tank. Anyone know where I can get a good deal on this unit?

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marinedepot.com sells for $163.95.


and sells the filter you are talking about (Eheim) starting at $15.99.


A lot of folks here (including myself) use the Aquaclear series power filters (starting at $12.99).


And at marindepot.com, anything over $175 (which you will just reach w/ the power filter and remora), is free shipping and NO tax...that's a pretty good deal since you would have to pay tax at most places locally and would definitely have to pay shipping for online places. And it will get to you next day since it's in Anaheim.


Don't pick-up...they'll add tax then.

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well I got it. along with a Penguin mini. running kind of loud right now, but I guess the thing needs to "break in" over the next week or so. Does the noise level really come down then? It's definetly quieter than my old via aqua though.

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