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Clownfish has been doing this since thursday.

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Hi there guys! I hear this group is very helpful and I definitely could use some help.


Testing parameters:

  • 0.0 ammonia
  • 0.0 nitrites
  • 0.1 nitrates
  • 7.6 dkh
  • 420 calcium
  • 0.15 phos
  • 1350 mag
  • 1.025 salinity


My clownfish has been swimming around and laying at the bottom. It’s like his back half doesn’t want to swim. He can’t go up even with the flow turned off. He tries to eat. White stringy poop. I dosed prazipro and it doesn’t seem to be helping. This has been happening since Thursday night.


The first video is of last night. The video in the breeder box was about a two days ago when I was trying to feed him and made sure he wasn’t picked on. That didn’t help. When I released him back into the DT he seemed less stressed so I left him be.

I also have tried feeding hexsheild and he doesnt seem to take that - but he will go after baby brine shrimp since they swim in front of his face. I'm at such a loss. I ordered Seachem Focus, Metro, and Kana but that wont arrive until friday.

Their diet is:

  • TDO Chromaboost
  • Live baby brine shrimp
  • Frozen mysis


So in total so far I have done:

  • Dosed prazipro on Friday June 12, 2020
  • Attempted to feed Hex Sheild
  • Did a freshwater bath / epsom salt bath

What can I do?

Videos are below:



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