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hi ph


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hey guys,


I'm having a high ph reading right now of 8.7-8.8.


My tank is 5 years old, but i recently changed tanks from one tank to another and pretty much started new( no corals from old tank) its a 10 gallon with about 10 pounds LR and 5 pounds LS. Previous tank had one clown and thats it, no corals. This new tank has been running for about 2 months now. I'm getting high readings and currently the tank has a frag of zoo's and thats all, no fish. The tank has a powerhead and thats all. I was wondering for the long term, whats the best way for me to lower my ph to 8.2? I am doing a water change right now, but what can i do to lower my ph and maintain it at 8.2? thanks

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actually, higher alk may raise pH. not necessarily tho.


check where your pH is on your water source and mixed wc (let it sit for a day). freshly mixed ASW may read high but letting it sit for a while would give you a 'truer' reading.


wc's are the safest way of lowering pH. you can also aerate the water more for more CO2 interaction. there are some other ways but wc's are the safest method imo. hth

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