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Does this look normal?

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Is it normal to have no blue tip tenticles? Always has fat tenticles..one week in the tank..
Tanks been running for 10 months with a very happy long tenticles .30 gsllon all in one..weekly water changes of 5 gallons and I'm dosing with purple chem  ighting is 165 w viperspectra led @100%blues and 1% white for 10_12 hrs..Chem is as follows:
Salinity 1.026
Ph 8.4 prob a bit high from dosing two chems?
Phosphates @ 0
Nitrates @ 20 (found large piece of silverside decaying on rock? Maybe? Just did a wc yesterday
Calc is @ 400
Hardness @196.6


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Is it an anemone? If so what type is it?

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