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30G Reef Shoping List


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Ok I have done my reserch and this is the list i have come up with.

Tank: 30G Acrylic from Tenecor 36 long, 12 deep, 16 tall. 250$

Stand and Canopy I will custom make. 100$

Lighting: 4x39 watt T5, 1 250 watt MH. 350$

Filtration: Custom 15G glass sump/fuge W/Berlin Protein Skimmer 200$

30lbs Live Sand 30$

35-45lbs Live Rock 130$

300watt Heater 40$

Closed Loop Circulation System 150$

Auto Top-Off System,cant find were to get one.

RO/DI System 150$

Test Kit 50$

Additives 60$

And I think thats it... other than fish/corals its a bit on the expensive side but i dont want to have to upgrade anything once i get it, untill i get a big tank anyways :P

Well im open to sugestions thanks for looking. Bryan

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Ok, did i say something rong? Anyone?:*(

I know someone has some advice... if not at least tell me if im on the right track:P Thanks in advance guys, Bryan

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Sometimes it happens like that man. It looks like you have a it planned out very nice, that tank is expensive but all in all looks like you will have a good time with your tank. Look for top offs at marine depot.com

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If you're going to go that big, I'd suggest going with a deeper tank(front to back) like the 40gal. breeder which is 36"Lx18"Wx16-18"H. You'll appreciate the extra 6" for aquascaping.

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With that lighting you can put anything you want in there. Just remember that you should wait at least 3 months before putting corals in the tank, some people do it early but I advise against it.

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You know i never looked at the 40's but now that i do its only 29$ more and all the equipment im getting should work for it right?

Thanks Bryan

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Yup. You could probably go with a larger sump too. Well, whatever can fit in the stand. I'd go with glass instead of acrylic though. See if you can find the All-Glass brand 40gal. breeder tank. Get it drilled and you're set.

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Well I like acrylic a little more then glass, why would you say glass insted of acrylic, im still leaning twards acrylic. Iwill step up to a 40G tank 36 long, 15 deep, 16 high Acrylic from Tenecor. Other than that, maby a 20G sump/fuge. Thanks again guys, Bryan

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well acrylic costs more and scratches easier

if you dont mind the cost id so go for it but around here theres an lfs thats selling a 125 gal with a stand for $300 but thats glass

now i would rather spend $50 more for 95 more gallons and not worry about a stand then spend $250 for a 30 gal but i guess thats just me

but then you would have to upgrade everything.

good luck

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