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Dirté Sanchez

120g gαя∂єη σƒ нєѕρєяι∂єѕ 🐚 Back in Business!

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Well then feed them.............. :biggrin:

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Dirté Sanchez

Someone somewhere asked me about how I like this tank. I cannot for the life of me remember where that was asked, but I’ll say I love this tank and the sump. The cabinet is easily cleaned and has self closing hinges so the doors don’t slam. There’s plenty of room inside for extra equipment, dosing containers and whatnot. I haven’t owned just a ton of different tanks, but I definitely like this one and haven’t had any issues with it so far. 


Got a pair of jawfish today from LA. The long fin clown arrived dead so will have to wait for a replacement. At that point I will be done with my planned stocking. I actually can’t think of anything else I’d want- I’ve never succeeded with flasher wrasses so I’m not keen on adding one, and I refuse to go down the tang route this time. I think I have a good team in there now. They’re all fun to watch and should have plenty of room to grow. 




The wellso eats more by itself than anything else in the tank 😳

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Sorry about the DOA. I hope the replacement comes soon and is OK. Good luck with the jawfish.

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