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Reefkeeping in 60L Dennerle

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Hi all!


I'd like to made tank with soft corals and LPS corals.


Now I have

 - salt mix Red Sea Coral Pro 

 - aquarium Dennerle 60L

 - radion XR30W 2G (Is it enough I hope?)

 - eheim 2215 with surface skimmer tube (with broken live rocks and sicce charcoal)

 - water heater hydor eth 200 

 - ~ 8kg live rocks from LFS

 - jebao SLW 10

 - auto top off ato nano

 - RO with TDS 20


Aquarium was poured 2 weeks ago.

In first day I add BioDigest from Prodibio.


After first week I put in my tank some colonies of Zoanthidae, frag of Turbinaria, frag of Echinopora, frag of Euphillia, Lemnalia, Acanthastrea.

After 2 days I will add some more corals. 


What system reefkeeping Do you recommend to me? I'd like to create Amazing soft corals tank with soe LPS. What Trace elements need I add? How need I feed my corals? How often?

In general..I know I need to do water change, but what else besides that? I will use Calcium, Magnesium, Alkalinity solutions with dosing pump from Kamoer. I wanted to use Red Sea additives, but I didn't find it in Moscow (Russia) now. There are Seachem like an alternative. I guess..If will i use Trace Elements from Seachem it's will be enough or my corals will require something else more? Amino acids? Bacteries? Сould there be something else?

What do you recommend to me for my tank? 

I appologize from my English.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi.   By the way, your English is fine.


I'm hoping the rocks from the store were fully cured.  Have you tested for ammonia?  While corals themselves don't create much of a bio-load, feeding them will.


On 5/30/2020 at 3:43 PM, salfegio said:

What Trace elements need

In general, additional trace elements aren't usually needed.  Water changes are typically sufficient.  If using any additives, do so very sparingly.


On 5/30/2020 at 3:43 PM, salfegio said:

How need I feed my corals? How often?

Most corals sold in the hobby are photosynthetic, so they will get the bulk of there energy from your lighting.  However, LPS generally do best with occasional feedings (once a week is often enough).  LPS can often take food as large a mysis shrimp.  Other corals require smaller food (maybe a powdered food like Reef-Roids).  Again, you don't want to over do it.


On 5/30/2020 at 3:43 PM, salfegio said:

Amino acids? Bacteries?

If the biofilter is established, and your tank has no detectable ammonia, then additional bacteria isn't necessary.  I'd hold off on amino acids.  I'm sure you've read somewhere where they help; however, you'll find that keeping the basics in balance is the best recipe for success.


On 5/30/2020 at 3:43 PM, salfegio said:

I will use Calcium, Magnesium, Alkalinity solutions

Make sure that you don't elevate these levels.  You just want to replenish consumed elements.  I like to target the levels of my salt mix so that water changes don't negatively affect these levels.  Stability is often most important.

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Seabass gave some great advice! 

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I used the same tank and flow pump, they go well together.

Be careful however with aquascape and flow, the SLW tends to generate a "large" pattern compared to some pumps. I had to test different setups (location / angle / mode) before I could please every corals (I was running soft and LPS). 

The external filter flow might also help to adjust flow in some places. I used mine to add more flow to my Euphyllias (they were opposite from the SLW and were not moving much) 


Good luck with your tank, it seems like a  good start to me (I used a very similar setup for some months). 


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