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octopus, cuttlefish, and abalone..


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cephalopods are very hard to keep. they like cool water, dim, quiet tanks and can slip out of most anything. make sure and do your research.

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Just from experience let me chime in .... i built a nice octo tank ... 55g with 50lbs of LR, 30lbs of LS ,Cascade 1500 Power filter ... Backpak 2R, and a Aqua C Remora. Let the tank cycle with mollys (damsels are too hard to catch) after a 3 month cycle and pod groth period I got my octo ... btw the water temp was 70 degrees they are cold water animals. The little guy lived over a year and was fun to watch when he came out ...but it was alot of money and a lot of work feeding waterchanges keeping the right temp ect .... but Tonmo.com is your best resource

goodluck ....also he was the best redecorator and can lift several times his own weight without a problem so not for a reeftank ... not to mention the low lighting and the temp....ect ...

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