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minimum size


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Hi all


my kidz are killing me, they want a NEMO fish


so here is the question


Im interested in starting a saltwater akvarium with 2 klownfish maybe even a few life stones.

(i have heard that a tank with stones a harder to start but then again i have heard that life stones filtrer the water?)


what is the absolute minimus tank i should buy for 2 klownfish.


and what kinda equip do i need.


kinds regards from Denmark

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Alfonso_dk, I understand exactly what you are saying. Do you mean Life Stones as in Live Rock? Problably the best thing for you to do for your kids is to buy a small 10 or 20 gallon and built yourself a tank. Im not sure how difficult it is for you to get yourself some equipment from Denmark but it's quite easy. All it takes is effort and patience, no need to rush things. You are aware that you need to cycle a fish tank before you can actually place a Clownfish (nemo) in there correct? Once the cycle is done then you can place them inside. Another tank that you may want to look into is a nano cube. They are good and extremely easy to set up. You can find a whole lot of information here at Nano Reef so ask away. Good luck and be patient.

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Sorry I forgot to include the equipment. You will need Filter, Live Rock, Live Sand, Heater, maybe a skimmer, and some people use refuguims in the tanks. You can find these things on many websites but Im not sure if they will deliver. www.liveaquaria.com

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cheers mate

that was a fast reply!! sorry for my english ist kinda rubbish i ment live rocks yes


so 10 G should be enhoug must be around 45 litres right?


that cube u mentioned it that a complete ready to use for dummise kid


i heard that it takes about a month before the tank i ready for mr and mrs Clown nemo.


i have patience and dont wanna rush (its to expensive buying new fish after every mistake)


everyone who has advise to a noob are welcome to help.

but plz since im a noob hardcore teq word and common saltwater knowledge is not common to me :)


looking forward to reading more exiting stuff

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I think the Nano Cube may be the best bet for you. You can get them at many websites. Try DrsFosterSmith.com. Actually Drs Foster Smith also has a box a live rock they can send you that is meant for the Nano Cube. You will also want to buy a 20lbs bag of live sand. Basically if you get all this, mix your saltwater and pour it in. Then add the live sand and rock. You will need a Hydrometer and a test kit to make sure everything is up to par. If you are lucky in about a month you can add a couple clowns to the tank. Read the information section on this web-site it will tell you all you need to know. If you want 2 clowns I suggest you introduce them at the same time, otherwise they will probably fight. You need a cleanup crew as well. If you get the nano-cube make sure you remove the bio-balls and ceramic rings. You can put some small pieces of live rock back there in their place if you want. Also I recomend when it comes time to replace the activated carbon you go with Chemi-Pure instead I have had a lot of luck with that. But thats just my opinion. Anyways just read, read, read. And be very patient, if you do that its a piece of cake. If not you will have some dead fish on your hands. Also, take note, some people on this board can scare you but its not that hard if you do you homework.


Good Luck!!!

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Im going to be honest with you Alfonso_dk im not good with litres sorry. Wow how can I explain it, well 10 gallons is quite a nice but small size tank. If you can translate from litres to gallons then I guess you can get your answer. The thing with nano cube is and please understand im not an expert. The Nano Cubes are quite amazing because they can be as easy as connect and go. I have noticed some people here do modifications to the tank to add different types of things. For example refuguims. Some people use a thing called an AC200 which is a filter type of thing that can be converted to a refugium. I know people that have these cubes and use the standard equipment that come in it as well. **(by the way I just found out 10 gallon tank is = to 38 litres)** I had to find out. But yes you are correct about the cycle. Some people have been succesful cycling the tank in one month. It took me 3 weeks to cycle. For example you can buy perhaps a 12 gallon Nano Cube and place live sand with live rock and that can be the start of your cycle. You will need a test kit to check your nitrates, nitrite, amonia, ph, etc... There are alot of people here that can give you information about this.

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there are plenty of people on this board that keep fish in a 10g tk. i advise against it. fish add huge bioloads to a tank and i believe a 20g tank to be the absolute smallest tank to keep fish in. a skimmer is a must-have with fish, so add that to the list.

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If you are patient there is a 24G nano coming out supposedly. I think you wold be ok with the standard Nano, but get a small species of clown. Percula or False Percula. And do at least a 10% water change weekly. And that would pretty much be the limit for your fish. You could add some nice corals however.

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