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Clown Harem

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I am setting up a 72 gallon clownfish harem with 18 clowns. I am planning to purchase all 18 from the same clutch, plenty of Bta anemones, and feeding 4 times a day using an auto feeder to reduce aggression. I have a few questions though.


The first is on flow. What type of flow pump would you use? I’m trying to decide between a gyre and a puck.


The second question is on cuc. I am running a protein skimmer rated for more than double  my tank size. Along with a refugium, Carbon and gfo. Would this be overkill or too little?

2x sand sifting gobys (not sure which yet)

5x astrea snails

5x nassarius snails

5x trochus snails

3x red leg hermits

3x blue leg hermits

1x tuxedo urchin


The third question is on anemones. Should I place the clowns In the tank before or after I stock anemone? Does anyone have any suggestions on types of food your bta anemones prefer?


The forth is on clown food. What type of food would you recommend? Any suggestions on good auto feeders?


Any other suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated.

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