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WICKSY'S 13.5G not so stock Evo

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Hey guys so I'm here to start an aquarium journal of my Evo 13.5 that's been running for over a year now it's had some ups and downs but recently has gotten some upgrades. 


When I initially started this tank it was mostly stock equipment minus the intank chamber one upgrade and was stocked with a Cleaner shrimp, two clowns, bristle star, dwarf hermit, and LTA. Won't go into details but ended up losing the fish, shrimp, and LTA. All this and having a crazy algae problem killed all my hopes in the hobby.


So I ended up leaving the tank dark for months with just the surviving star and hermit crab doing minimal water changes until the algae was completely gone and stuff was looking up. Fast forward to tax time this year and I decided to invest everything into this tank to make it much more high tech and easier maintenance. 


Now running this setup - 


Fluval Evo 13.5 

InTank Chamber one (2019 V)

Fluval 100W heater

Stock Return 

AI Prime 16HD 

Auto Aqua Smart ATO & AWC 

Jebao SW-2 

Back wall hole plugged with InTank plastic peice


Stocked with - 


1 Brittle star 

1 Cleaner shrimp

1 LG blue dwarf hermit

3 SM blue dwarf hermit

1 nassarius snail

1 trochus snail

2 astrea snail 

3 nerite snails 


Coral - 


1 Chalice frag (not sure of the variety)

1 SPS frag (not sure exactly what it is) 


Some attached pictures of the tank and setup 







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So the tank is sitting on an old Rockstar bar fridge stand that I stole from my job when the manager took the bar fridge home 😂 Looking into building something for this tank at a later date. 


AI Prime is running Not quite Pirates file with ridgid mount fully extended. 




I've got the Auto Aqua ATO simply put into a distilled water jug as I still haven't gotten an RODI uni. Tried ordering a RODI buddie from frag box and they were out of stock so that's yet to come.


Auto Aqua AWC is ran into two 5G pails under tank for waste and clean salt water. The salt water bucket has a fluval power head inside. (I know cable management disaster) Chamber 3 holds the waste pump, return tubing, sensors, and ATO tube.


Changing water once a day at about 4G a week 








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Not entire sure of what variety of corals I grab from Frag box but was ordering the CUC and said screw it I'll add two cheap SPS frags to the order for shits and giggles. We're labeled WYSIWYG SPS and Chalice just added them 3 days ago still sitting on the sand bed not entirely sure where I should place them I'd prefer to leave the chalice in the sand. 


Looking for opinions on what other corals I should stock and placements. Thinking of stocking two different varieties of clowns at a later date. 



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