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Biocube 29 StevesLEDs Upgrade Kit (CoralLife) $225 Shipped

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I've had a few of these sets over the years for my own and a tank I have done maintenance on.   This is from one I had to fix for a client.  I had to replace the LED Strips (ParaMax 2 Extreme and ParaMax 2 Micro)   I also replaced the fan.   I am including the Typhon LED Controller also.   


  • PARAMAX 2 Extreme and Micro NEW LED's (from StevesLEDs)
  • NEW Fan Blower (from StevesLEDs)
  • Included but not attached dimmers (you could attach if desired)
  • 24V power supply
  • Typhon, Controller and Installation guides included.
  • All the wiring needed


You can find details on this at 



There are two types of Biocube kits from StevesLEDs    for Oceanic and Coralife versions.   This is the Corallife version.


It's $349 new 


I am selling this for $225 shipped to CONUS.  


Why am I selling?   The tank this was on is now being used as a Freshwater setup and I already have a StevesLEDs set on my Biocube (My other tank is a 200DD)













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