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Aquascape advice! 10g NANO


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Hi everyone...


I am just getting back into this hobby after 17yrs!  Today I received 15lbs of incredible LR from KP Aquatics.  It is awesome but it looks like a TON of rock!  There is probably NO WAY I should use all of it, but I do have 2 large pieces that I can't bring myself to use.  I plan on hosting some corals and don't want to take up too much space.




Any criticism about my first arrangement?  Is there TOO much spacing?  

Should I try to put the other 2 rocks in?   Maybe break up the other pieces?

Should I put it all in and remove later???


The Miller Lite can was NOT included in the shipment! 😉  I just wanted you to have some perspective on the size of stuff I have left.


Thanks again y'all





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Looks good. I don’t know if those two extra rocks would make any difference. I wouldn’t add them whole. I’d try to break them up and fill in where you think your current scape needs it. 
As always in most scaping topics, always leave room between your rocks and the glass for easier cleaning. 

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Nano sapiens

17 years...man, that's a good long while :)


With these little nano systems, 'less is often more' so I wouldn't add the two large pieces.  Once corals start to grow, the tank will quickly look packed with what you've currently added.


And as mitten_reef mentioned, leave enough space between the rock and glass sides so that you can clean the glass easily and allow for water flow to circulate as freely as possible.  If over packed with live rock, over time it gets really annoying having to constantly move rock around when you just want to clean the glass sides.

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