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My possible return

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Well considering last night I bought a cheap Jebao to mess with a couple of ideas I got. So I decided to design a simple system on my cad program. Now just waiting for the stuff to arrive this will be another slow build probably won't be officially up until next year due to possibly having a flight for work a couple of month from now and it being a bit of a long trip to long to leave it in the care of someone else. But I figure I would start a thread to have people suggest any tips or possible problems they see in the system. The tank is around half a gallon as I always wanted a sub gallon pico and my first attempt was a horrible failure as the bulkhead design I did was loud as all hell to the point that I had to take it down because I could not stand the noise. The cabinet is a small IKEA cabinet which will house a freshwater (1/3 of the capacity)and saltwater(2/3 of the capacity) container and the Jebao that is all. 


Half gallon 6 inch long X 4 inch wide x 5 inch tall
IKEA cube cabinet
Diy build housed in an old Nanobox frame I have laying around

Jebao DP-4s with a custom controller for ATO and AWC

Flow pump will either be a custom magnetic coupling based or a cheap 52gph one I already have.

Float sensor.

Freshwater and saltwater container

BRS dry live rock
Mame sand I have laying around



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Bought my 2nd reef related thing in years. A small madison float switch looks butt ugly(brown color) but it is the smallest I could find.

5/22/2020 switch arrived even tho the color is ugly I will admit it is quite small.


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