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AI Prime Issue

Mr. E

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I just moved my tank from one room to another so my AI Prime 16 HD was unplugged for a couple hours. Went to go turn it back on after everything was setup and it rapidly blinks red and pink, and yes, it really is pink I'm sure of it. I haven't found anything on the internet about a pink indicator. I've tried every reboot there is to try and it just continues to do it.


On the AI app, under my device, it says the Status is "Under Voltage" however I couldn't find anything for that either. I tried numerous outlets, turned everything else off except for the light, returned the light to the original outlet it was on in the old room and still nothing.


Does anyone have any experience with this?

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I know this is an old thread but did you ever figure out what happened? I'm having the same blinking red and pink issue and I can't find anything on it. In talks with AI at the moment. 

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