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Snow's 2.6G Little Monsters Picoreef - 58 Coral Types & Counting

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Morning! 🤗




Will be scraping the glass shortly. Might WC the tank at a go though. 🤔

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Uh, so I scraped the glass with a razor edged scraper. Once I was done, I looked at the tank and I noticed I had sliced open my rainbow brain coral (again!!!) with my scraper this time. 😭😭😭


The tear was bigger than the time I accidently sucked it up using the gravel vac. 😓


So I did a quick emergency WC, and isolated the brain coral in a small blue bucket full of fresh SW + iodine + Vit. C. Once the WC was done, I put the coral back into the tank. 


Once side of it is still scrunched up (the torn side), but I hope it heals back up again. 😕


I think this piece has outgrown my pico - I keep bumping into it when I do maintenance. I need to transfer it out to my 60G, but that tank isn't doing well atm, so I'm keeping it in the pico for the time being. 🤔


Sigh. Really need to be more careful next time. 😓


Also, half of the green leptastrea is gone. I cleaned it up and it still has a bit of flesh left, but I'm not sure if it can bounce back from that. I hope it can though. 

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