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Pedersen's Cleaner Shrimp


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I'm a member of NCFrag, the North Carolina Coral Frag group on Yahoo. We have a member who's a wholesaler. He got him for me. Only $3, plus shipping of course. I got him and a blue neon goby for $8 including shipping. That was a part of a large group order that we do about once a month.


He's great isn't he? The coolest thing is that sometimes he swims up into the water column, and his body is completely clear. When he does, you can see right through him, but his body acts almost like a magnifying glass, the effect is really weird. I'll try to capture it on 'film' one day if I can.

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I can ask, but I don't think so. So far, he's only done orders for our reefkeeping group, and it's only been for local pickup. I'll check though.

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They are my favorite shrimp, I had one in my 10gal. floridacollector.com has them on their site for $8. My LFS was selling them for $12 each. They are really small shrimp that only get to about 1.5" long and are easy prey for most fish.

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I saw those in a LFS the other day. Awesome shrimp. I leaned forward to look at it through the glass, and it swam up and hovered right in front of the glass looking back at me. Reminded me of something from the movie Abyss. They wanted $20 for them though :(

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