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8 Great Ways to Grow Colorful Corals 💜

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Color your corals with Aquaforest
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📸 by Battlecorals
Aquaforest Componets Pro
Double the concentration of Component 123+
  • Formula based on years of reefkeeping experience
  • Components Pro is designed and made by aquarists
  • It's more efficient and meets all corals' needs
  • Provides ionic balance and all crucial elements
Aquaforest AF Power Food
Nutritious food for all types of corals
  • Perfect for SPS & LPS corals
  • Promotes coloration & growth
  • Enriched with vitamins
  • Ingredients to support immunity
Aquaforest NitraPhos Minus
Tired of battling high nutrient levels?
  • Removes excess nitrate & phosphate
  • Restores chemical balance
  • Quickly reduces undesired algae
  • Boosts coral coloration & growth
Aquaforest StoneFix
Now it's easy to build a beautiful aquascape
  • Easy to mix and bonds quickly
  • Create pillars and shelves
  • Build caves and overhangs
  • Completely reef safe
Aquaforest Carbon
Maintaining high quality is the key to success
  • Improved adsorbtion capacity
  • Doesn't release PO4 into the water
  • Removes toxic compounds
  • Results in crystal-clear water
Aquaforest Reef Salt
Stable parameters for fish & coral health
  • Stable parameters for fish & corals health
  • Each batch is ICP-OES tested
  • Contains no contaminants or pollutants
  • It's ready-to-use right after dissolving
Aquaforest AF Phyto Mix
Struggling with high PO4? This media's for you!
  • Ideal for gorgonias, soft corals, & NP corals
  • Balanced mix of phytoplankton & zooplankton
  • Intensifies growth & vivid colors
  • Highly absorbable & protein-rich
Aquaforest Phosphate Minus
Struggling with high PO4? This media's for you!
  • Removes phosphate & silicate
  • Prevents algae & cyanobacteria
  • Restores chemical balance
  • Works in new & mature aquariums

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Chat with over 17,000+ Aquaforest product users by joining Aquaforest's official Facebook Group! Founded in 2015, this is the official support group for Aquaforest and is a terrific place to ask questions and learn from other hobbyists that use Aquaforest brand solutions. 
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I thought this was going to be some helpful hints. Disappointing.

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On 5/4/2020 at 5:37 PM, debbeach13 said:

I thought this was going to be some helpful hints. Disappointing.

Sorry to disappoint! Are you having trouble growing any particular type of coral? We're happy to health!

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