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Back in the game - The not an Evo anymore Redemption Reef

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Those are probably also people who were saying to use dry rock and remove all the critters, right? Some people went for a really sterile approach. It doesn't tend to work very well. Dry rock alone can work, but dry rock and no nutrients will mean no life, except the ultra-hardy pest algaes that can tolerate that sort of thing. All life needs nutrients to exist, and true zeros will starve your corals. Readings of 0 may mean the life in your tank is using up the nutrients immediately, so some tanks can run with what looks like 0 nutrients, but it's not generally a good way to keep things. 

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Yah There’s always so many opinions haha!

i have really low nutrients right now and I’m noticing my zoas and mushrooms aren’t doing as well as they used time to feed a ton and dose some nitrogen and phosphorus 

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